REIKI cannot be put in words, it needs to be experienced... it's just freaking magic!!!


REIKI is healing, REIKI is energy and for me it's just freaking magic!!! 

My initiations to Reiki I and later Reiki II (which enabled me to work as a Reiki practitioner) were two of the most remarkable events in my life. It was like a movie, everything slowing down around me, all colors getting more vivid and I could hear the wind whisper that exactly here and now is where I need to be. All that I experienced led me exactly here, this day I had a date with destiny... fucking epic shit!

And at the same time, I knew also, I found my calling,

the meaning of my life: helping and healing people!

Wanna give it a go?

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And be amazed!

Yeah, happy that you found your calling... but what exactly is going on in a REIKI session?


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